15 very curious and strange things of India

15 very curious and strange things of India

What a curious and strange things of India. We bring you the sights of this extraordinary culture, are so its peculiarities we bet you, you be interested in traveling to India with a group of friends to discover more. We’ll let information of great interest on their daily lives, they will not give your travel agent or the hotels website you frequent daily.

India is located in South Asia, has more than 1,200 million people in an area of over 3.3 million kilometers, making it the seventh largest country, it is projected that by the year 2025 has larger population than China by high birth rates. Algebra, trigonometry and chess originated in India and Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism. Importantly, the originating in India are called Indians, Hindu is the religion practiced by Hinduism.

As for the curiosities of India, we bring you the XX which seem to us most interesting and representative:

1. The red or black point

That women are put on the forehead is called bindi and put in the place where the sixth chakra of wisdom. The men get one called tilaka, which is made of red or orange ash more elongated than the bindi form. Young children also put some to protect them from the evil eye and paint their eyes black for espantarles demons.

2. People take off their shoes at temples and shrines

To show respect, even in the driveways. Many travelers recommend wearing a pair of socks to use in such cases and for stealing shoes do not worry, they are guarded.

3. Electricity is constantly short

Still being in 5 star hotels, know it is advisable to stay calm, because there are days when the light is even shorter every 30 minutes.

4. The wandering monks Sadhus

They have few possessions and move from place to place with them, since they consider to be in motion keeps the body alert. Renounce earthly materials links or looking for the true values of life. Curiously, leave them free train travel and smoking marijuana.

5. The Indians say if

Making the gesture we use to say no. Although we believe to do a specialist to be sure of what they want to tell us the course, as they make the gesture of 4-6 times still very unclear. Of course, when comes with a “ha”, if insurance is otherwise can stay with doubt.

6. The madness of traveling on the train

It is an experience not to be missed, its inhabitants anxiety gives up and down first. They can tirelessly pushing to have the first, some even lower before it has stopped rising and similarly, with train in motion.

7. The cow is a sacred animal

For represent fertility and motherhood, not playing by the tail because it brings bad luck. Similarly, it has great respect for animals, being mostly vegetarian population. The main reason is their belief that they can be the reincarnation of his many gods, that is why you will see them move everywhere and in every condition, yes, nobody will kill them because it could be a downside for his reincarnation in the next lifetime.

8. There are 5 or 6 million Hijras

They are people of the third sex, are men who dress as women but are neither one nor the other. These men were castrated and non-consensually, then conducted a very interesting ritual pouring milk in a stream symbolizing the loss of fertility.

9. The Indians love to take photos of tourists

Also they do in a natural way and it would seem that blatant, if you have blond hair and fair skin you must prepare to pose as a Hollywood star.

10. The traffic chaos is awesome

Transit buses, cars, bicycles and motorbikes without rules. anyway. Also, the touch of the speakers is maddening, whistle for everything, to warn that will advance to greet, for any reason, in short it is important that you do not overwhelm, no choice but to get used to.

11. It is very common to see two men holding hands

or embraced in friendship, this does not suggest that they are homosexual, they are simply displays of affection.
Source: westernindianature

12. In many places in the south, is eaten by hand

They are food served in a leaf. Just take the food with the right hand as the left used to clean when they go to the bathroom.
Source: westernindianature

13. Loa scaffolds are canes tied

Even in the palaces to gigantic constructions. Men without any protection or compliance to occupational hazards is impressive, tied to anything and fall from a building to clean the glass facades or for construction.

14. Men are so vain in India

Not only will you find plenty of male hairdressers everywhere, where a haircut, beard and hair are arranged and carrot-colored beard, a striking fashion even stained.
Source: westernindianature

15. The bathrooms but it never ceases to amaze

They are difficult to understand, a small hole in the floor intended for that purpose and aside a little hose or a bucket of water to clean it appears. Nothing left to wish you luck.
Source: Madtux


As you will notice, each culture brings extraordinary things and it is wonderful to discover. Unique and unimaginable destinations for which you must leave captivate your next vacation trip.