9 curious and strange things of Thailand

9 curious and strange things of Thailand

They discover these nine things about Thailand, will leave you with your mouth open! Thailand an exciting culture, formerly called the kingdom of Siam.

Checking in multiple and possible alternative destinations we have to explore the world, we wanted to find one that really bring a little magic Oriental world is very interesting to see how other cultures operate, take life, which is the way they act, to interact with their rulers, gastronomy, idiosyncrasies, customs, way of welcoming travelers, among many other curiosities. In general, this becomes an exciting way to find in our big different wonderful virtues. That is why, we will explore a little about the shocking Thailand.

Its capital is Bangkok and its official language is Thai, have a constitutional monarchy, the king is on the throne since 1949, who is considered a deity, who must keep the respect and carefully, as any gesture can be seen as inappropriate. Likewise, most of the population is Buddhist, have a very strong economy, second only to Indonesia, depending mainly on rice exports and tourism.


1. The royal family or your image is venerated



On the anniversary of King people dress in yellow, great respect for the anthem and the monarchy is shown, since even in the movies everyone stands. Similarly, the hymn is heard in public places twice a day, people stop what they are doing and listening remains standing.

Source: www.dw.de


2. Their food mixture five flavors




Sweet, salty, spicy, bitter and sour. You will see that the food is taken with chopsticks or spoon and fork, and its use is what would give us the fork and the knife (respectively). That is, the food into the mouth with the spoon is carried and pushed with the fork, the latter never brought to the mouth. We recommend ordering the food without spicy “Mai pet” little spicy, because if in a typical market you forget to mention …
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3. The famous massage “Tai”




Surely you’ve heard of them !!! They are famous worldwide, but watch are extremely painful. What aconsejaos you is to go testing with some gentle massage, and then you will take full one. Among the advantages are their low prices and you find them everywhere.
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4. It is an extremely tolerant country with homosexuality


It has a high percentage of gay people. You will see that in many publications listed Thailand as a haven for LGBT people, however, find conflicting positions where you indicate not so much because it still does not allow them to consolidate in marriage.


5. In Buddhist temples, you should avoid wearing tight clothes




Not to be too short. Oh do not forget to remove your shoes before entering, these are gestures in the West usually not performed, but as they say in these grandmothers … “Where shall go, do what ye see.”
Photo: compassion.com


6. Do not touch anyone’s head



To this culture, the head is the highest part of the spirit, so do not touch this part, even with children. The other extreme are the feet are considered the most earthly and mundane part of the body, so it is frowned pointing toes, touch or put them somewhere that bothers someone.
Photo: Wikipedia


7. As in many places no shortage of scammers



And here the drivers of tuk-tuks (O taxis in the country), who often do not put the meter to overcharge you, or offer you free tour if you go to some craft shops (Where should give a good commission) appear or even you insist the Palace of Bangkok is closed (when is not it) to take you to other palaces and earn more money. Stories in which they offer to take you Markets gems with extraordinary prices are also heard, neither surprise nor precious gems, a deception to all law.


8. Their partnership highlights the smile on people


It is striking that in any condition, you smile and seek to generate sympathy and be social. Always will give the greeting of good morning in your language and shall endeavor to assist you properly.

Martin P. Szymczak


9. The fights or conflicts are avoided to the maximum


You must avoid at all costs scream or fight, because this is considered a grave insult in his culture and things could get worse. You’d better breathe deep and talk to a normal tone of voice.



Leonardo Di Caprio Because until he shot his famous movie “The Beach” in Thailand …



is called the island Kho Phi Phi Leh, where he is the closest thing to paradise



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