5 Haunted Hotels

5 Haunted Hotels

Learn these 5 Haunted Hotels that are located around the world. Would you like to run into any of the spirits that live there? To us no!

Although many people are accustomed to only make tourism beaches, museums, beautiful architectural ruins or exclusive restaurants, this time we want to dwell on those who are lovers of the unique, different and strange experiences. Therefore, pay attention to the post that follows, if you are curious, besides risky.

Now, this issue not only we stop at the word risk as an association to any extreme sport or other activity that your life may be in danger. The risk, in this case, be related to the desire to meddle in supernatural phenomena beyond, representing the knowledge that there is a presence of people already left this world and continue undoing his footsteps in the places they inhabited.

Thus it is worth asking: do you draw attention these issues? Do spirits, ghosts, ghosts, or whatever you like to call? Whatever your answer, let chills traveling on your body with the 5 haunted hotels we have brought for you! Find preparing your bags and go, as perhaps there an unforgettable experience that is waiting for you!


1. Hotel Crescent in Arkansas, United States


Although it was founded in 1886, this creepy hotel closed in 1940 due to unavoidable economic problems. However, it took just 30 years to again be opened to the public, although they had begun to register phenomena at all pleasant. It is said that with perseverance ghostly apparitions are seen, and for this reason, it is the headquarters of the Ghost Hunter US to conduct research.


2. Hotel de Coronado in San Diego, United States


If you want to gather antiquity and mystery in one place, this is the one for you! It was built during the nineteenth century and contains a chilling story, after 1892, a man was murdered on the front steps of the hotel. Therefore, the ghost of his wife appears in room 302, because that’s where the husband and wife were found destined to live a passionate reconciliation for the various problems that crossed their relationship.

3. Bamer Hotel


It is located on Avenida Juarez 54, and already there are many people who claim to hear strange noises and seeing multiple shadowy apparitions, how are they? Besides the doorknobs to move continuously, continuously has been paraded a girl dressed in costume ancient times.

4. The Gran Hotel Bolivar


With 500 rooms and great historical value, in the interior of this majestic hotel the most supernatural situations you could ever imagine have occurred. Quite rare, murders, and suicides, accidents are some of the reasons why the place has been imbued with spirits who are reluctant to migrate beyond.

5. Stanley Hotel


Besides the stories that lie behind its walls do not have any explanation, is one of the most famous scenes, as it was the inspiration for the most recognized works of Stephen King: “The Shining”. It is located in Colorado, United States, and ensure guests have experienced the rarest moments that someone can live in a hotel.