Hotel guests ‘fined’ for leaving bad review on TripAdvisor

Hotel guests ‘fined’ for leaving bad review on TripAdvisor

No joke, because it happened in England, where a British couple reported they had discounted them your credit card the sum of 100 pounds (US $ 150) for leaving a comment on TripAdvisor that said the hotel 36 pounds a night where they had stayed was “dirty, filthy and smelly.”

The hotel is the Broadway of Blackpool in northern England, which once quoted his comment, he proceeded to charge your credit card for Tony and Jan Jenkinson gentlemen, indicating that they had breached the standard of the establishment which prohibits leave bad comments about their hotel on any web page.

It indicates that local authorities have asked the hotel abandon that policy and return the money to the couple.

Such situations make us wonder if this is an isolated incident or if such measures are actually can be adopted at hotels in some countries. What would be the future of freedom of expression Guests also nourish the experience of other travelers? Conversely, would it be beneficial to our friends hoteliers to not have to deal with negative comments from their properties? I do not know, then I leave reflection.

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