5 locations where they filmed Harry Potter

5 locations where they filmed Harry Potter

Look at these 5 locations where they filmed Harry Potter. It will be fun to discover these places of Harry

Were you a fan of this wizard and his friends? Would you like to have the opportunity to tour each of the spaces in which multiple scenes from these movies were filmed? To us yes! So this time we stop at some of the most iconic. Undoubtedly, this is one of those sagas that become unforgettable for its thousands of followers. So much so, that the places where it was recorded become a cult for these. Yes, not only by how successful has been the story, but also by the mysterious and beautiful that can become interior and exterior.

So if you are planning to travel to England, have no doubt visit each of the places we present you below. Whether you are or not a follower of Harry Potter, trust us that it is worth making the journey and be inspired by his magic. Do you dare?


1. Glenfinnan Viaduct


Do you remember this curious way? Yes, it’s the same for the students of Hogwarts, wizards traveling from London to their school, their home. You know, where you are actually located this railway section? On top of Loch Siel, in the Western Highlands of Scotland.


2. The Christ Church College, Oxford


One of the scenes that most attracted attention this unforgettable saga, big dinners were performed in the magical Hogwarts. So, these Gothic dining lie at Christ Church, one of the most famous schools of the famous University of Oxford.


3. The Platform 9 3/4


Everybody wanted to penetrate walls as did the students of Hogwarts! This enigmatic stop is located in London’s King Cross station, without doubt, someday we want Harry and his friends tell us how.


4. The Bodleian Library


So, this is also emblematic of the saga of Harry Potter. And again, it was the University of Oxford that allowed this event. In this case, the scenario is its large research library, do you remember? Yes, Hermione Granger was one of the most remained in this space by finding out all the spells I wanted.


5. Alnwick Castle


Finally, we will locate where the interiors of these movies were filmed. The scenario represented the prestigious school of wizards, Hogwarts, is actually the Castle Northumberland, England. It is wonderful, right? And the best part is that throughout the summer, is open to the public.