7 magic places to visit before they disappear

7 magic places to visit before they disappear

Discover these 7 magical places you should visit before you die. If you have not already, consider it again, it is likely to disappear, go for it!

In a contemporary world where people also kept constantly informed of the changes taking place in the environment, it is important to strive to establish an ecological conscience and try to preserve the many ecosystems in the world. Global warming as a result of the actions that come from consumerism, unfortunately is threatening not only the flora and fauna that make up nature, but also the most ideal and beautiful places that dream sightseeing.

Yes, it is true that there are also many people who today call for a responsible consumption and try to act in a much more friendly way with the environment; however, there remains much to be done and we can not lower our guard. You would not want to be left without a future? You would not be at all pleasant to the world we inhabit disappears because of our unconsciousness?

Pay attention to the post that follows. These beautiful cities are gradually erasing the map. Let’s do something about it, the world needs us!


1. Australian coral barrier

Clouds of reef fish and corals, French frigate shoals, NWHI

Increased acid in the water, in addition to the warming that has been demonstrating these are the main reasons that this paradise could vanish. According to scientists, about 2050, it is likely that there is nothing left of this Australian treasure awaits a great biodiversity.


2. Venice, Italy


Yes, we all dream of spending a wonderful honeymoon in this romantic city, but we do not know is that unfortunately every year two millimeters sink. In fact, scientists said that about 60 years could be under water.


3. Anchorage, United States of America


Because of its location, it is a place that is quite prone to strong earthquakes. Did you know that in 1964, this place was hit by one of the most powerful earthquakes ever? This lasted about 5 minutes.


4. London, England


The instability of the climate is the main reason that this great place is in danger of disappearing. Floods and droughts come and go from time to time, but despite this, London’s magic does not fade.


5. Sumatra, Indonesia


Remember the tsunami in 2004 virtually wiped out much of the city? And this, remember the earthquake that occurred in 2009? Unfortunately, many experts say will continue presenting phenomena of this type, to the point, is that no longer exists Sumatra.


6. Bangkok, Thailand


Due to the instability of the soil, it is likely to sink into this place about 20 years. Remember the case of Venice? This is similar, as one of its most important rivers, is mainly responsible for this danger they faced Bangkok.


7. The Galapagos Islands


Although it sounds paradoxical, tourism is the main cause of these fantastic islands are in danger of extinction. The Galapagos Islands are home to over 9000 species, and the number of cruises and the phenomenon of smuggling, in addition to stress the ecosystem is gradually destroying the essence of this beautiful place. Is not it a poignant situation?