Ranking Top 9 most expensive hotels in the world

Ranking Top 9 most expensive hotels in the world

We bring you the ranking of the most expensive hotel rooms in the world !!! You’ll stay with my mouth open! Do not miss this article …

In the world of luxury, there are multiple possibilities, products that have not even crossed his mind and has appeared in our dreams. Find products like cars, watches, accessories, mansions, jewelry, costumes and overall countless luxury goods with those who have more than enough in any of our homes. In the same way, they encounter Luxury Hotels in the world, we can think of some examples of renowned hotel chains like Ritz, Aman Resorts or Jw Marriott. However, the concept of luxury hospitality, hotel rooms and eccentricities expensive accommodation, can go far beyond what we can imagine.

Hotels with finishes in gold, with the most expensive construction materials imported, private income, exclusive and unique locations, accessories and technology for the discerning traveler, are the order of the day. All this is designed for the enjoyment of these millionaires, who did not think twice about paying untold sums of money to enjoy a night in these havens.

But we can go a little further, not only talk about investment or expense (Depends whatever you want to see), for lodging in an upscale hotel, but payment by booking the master suite of this luxurious hotel.

Here we let them go a ranking of 9 hotels where guests pay a fortune to enjoy:

9.  Shangri-La Bosphorus in Istanbul

In Istanbul you can enjoy a wonderful hotel, the Shangri-La Bosphorus, and even better exquisite stay at The Shangri-La Suite. This incredible suite has two bedrooms, is located on the top floor of the hotel and from its three private terraces allows for incredible views of the Bosphorus .. The average price for enjoying a night in this paradise of 366 square meters is $ 26,385.

8. Mandarin Oriental Pudong Shanghai

The Presidential Suite of this renowned hotel, is located on the 25th floor has two bedrooms with private wine cellar, kitchen, meeting room, dining room and a huge bathroom. It has two gardens on private terrace offering stunning views of the city. The suite is 788 square meters and can be booked for $ 26,450, the average price per night.

7. Hotel Plaza Athénée in Paris

The Royal Suite at the Plaza Athénée is completely remodeled with classic decor tilted the eighteenth century, its facilities include 450 square meters, high-tech TVs hidden behind the mirrors, jacuzzi and steam room. Four bedrooms, three rooms and a kitchen. The price to book it, about $ 27,000.


6. The Burj Al Arab in Dubai

One of the most expensive hotels in the world. His royal suite costs $ 28,000 a night. This construction is a beautiful sailboat 321 meters, built in the sea to keep the views. There you will find 8,000 square meters of gold leaf for walls, an underwater restaurant, own water park. The Royal Suite is 780 square meters, has large rooms, library, cinema. Its services include private breakfast in the suite for 4, butler with private entrance, the latest technology and amenities such as pillow menus 17 others.


5. Grand Resort Lagonissi – Athens

This suite hotel and especially its Grand Royal Villa, is disputed by celebrities, and of course, is a wonderful time of 410 square meters that can be rented for $ 35,000 a night.

Its interior combines the glamor of the Mediterranean with the magic of classical Greek decor. Royal Villa has two bedrooms, a fireplace, and two marble bathrooms. Their services are exceptional, private gym, sun terrace and private butler.

4. Hyatt Grand Hôtel Martinez Cannes – Cannes

This beautiful hotel in France, with a history dating back to 1929, has a spectacular Penthouse suite $ 37,500, price per night. His style Art Deco in the Boulevard de la Croisette, was sold some time ago to Hyatt. This suite has two bedrooms, marble bathrooms, a living room and extra room. The terrace has 290 square meters where a Jacuzzi, which will offer you while you relax with a wonderful view of the bay of Cannes is ready.


3. Hilltop Estate in Laucala Island Resort.

This is a luxurious resort with 25 villas with private access, guests enjoy gourmet food and a welcome massage

This amazing residence of 1,200 square meters is owned by billionaire Mateschitz Dietrick Redbull, when available, can be rented for the sum of $ 40,000 average price per night.


2. Four Seasons – New York

Ty Warner Penthouse has an average value of $ 45,000 at night, paying this value will have 400 square meters of luxury and exclusivity, in the hotel room higher up all over New York, the 360 ° views are incomparable. Every detail has been carefully decorated highest level in art and culture, Japanese silk and its own concierge

1. President Wilson – Geneva

This amazing Swiss hotel can cost $ 65,000 night to occupy the Royal Penthouse, its largest and most exclusive suite, good to be more accurate is to have a mansion of 18,000 square meters end luxuries at your disposal 12 rooms, 12 bathrooms marble dining room for 26 people, living library, billiards, Steinway grand piano and bar, more than 1,680 square meters of terrace offering a wonderful view of Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc.

The Swiss are experts in luxury and safety, lift is private and bulletproof windows, can not ignore that personalities like Bill Clinton, Michael Jackson and Bill Gates have occupied.


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