11 Reasons why Scorpio are the most passionate

11 Reasons why Scorpio are the most passionate

We can not think that all people are exactly alike, but what if you can see, is that there are certain patterns and characteristics that make us people find ways to be very similar. One of these patterns, it is for those born on dates close.

We have found that the Scorpio people born between October 23 and November 22 are a sign of intense feeling, with large projections, absolutely persistent and with an appreciation for the loyalty they have no limits. However, the most encompassing personality and draws the attention of those around them, is that they usually have a passion overflowing.

These friends, colleagues and / or life partner, feel and live intensely. For this reason is very important to know those around them, analyze them, understand them and understand their way of living has come and a reason for them. If you choose to be with him, you’ll have a jewel for life, because with the intensity that handle your life, you will support, love and accompany them on the road.

Here we bring you the 11 reasons why Scorpio is the most passionate sign.


1. They value deep truth

This is critical for them. If you want to be with him as a friend or partner, you must be very careful not to say no “little lying”, or omit information. If you lose your confidence, very likely you’ll never get it back.


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2. Your positive or negative side is usually very intense

They are so passionate in all stages of his life, for better or for worse can potentiate it. They tend to be very extreme, there are only two options with them, or you’re with them and you are the best friend or you’re on the other side, they hate you or just you don’t exist.


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3. They are a super sensual and sexual sign

Reportedly, they play with 10 points in the loving field, are extremely sensual and build super intense intimate moments. Even their partners leave often overlook its flaws, simply because in this direction are stunning.


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4. Possessive, jealous and protective

This point can be positive or negative, depending on the attitude to assume your partner. Scorpios are so intense that they want their partner to another, are very jealous of the past and take shelter from any possible threat against their relationship. Also they say that they are very protective, which resulted in “Being indulgent”, can be wonderful for their partners.


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5.  They have a critical eye

Do not be surprised that behind the diplomacy, courtesy and an apparent detachment from what is happening around you, they show you a complete and comprehensive analysis of the situation. You might not even expect it, but they will be watching globally and generated their findings.


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6. They are generally very emotional

Scorpio usually depends on their emotions. If you are with them, you are very happy or you are in complicated situation. .This sensitivity can lead to to be affected by their immediate environment. They can hurt or feel alluded quite easily.


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7. Imaginative Intuitive

Their high sensitivity allows them to be fairly intuitive and imaginative, which in labor issues can be quite useful. These duly potentiated skills can help them occupy high positions in the workplace and be great leaders.


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8. Obstinate in achieving its goals

They are worthy representatives of the effort and stubbornness when they want to conquer. Once you have established a goal, wish, dream or longing in his head it will be impossible to dissuade them. They have a great ability to achieve discipline.


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9. They protect themselves distrusting

It’s not easy to win their trust, they are always watching and building a fence on which they are not vulnerable. His nature prevents them put at risk by the way, it is why it will not be easy to get into his closest circles. Of course, when you succeed you will have a friend or partner for life.


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10. They are independent but they love company

They are quite selective, you don’t like being told what to do and makes them nervous to try to control them. His nature called to handle situations seem self-sufficient but people love to have great value to him. Unlike what you’d think not seek solitude.


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11. They never shut their mouths

They may have strong opinions and hard enough at a time of great stress. The best practice is to run away if you feel that volcano is about to erupt.


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In general, they are wonderful people with a great personality. Best to be by her side, will understand their nature, understand that your energy, your strength and your efforts have a reason for being. If we can be next to one of them a great treasure, which must be cultivated with loyalty and truth be achieved.