The 7 most terrifying and exciting roller coasters in Orlando

The 7 most terrifying and exciting roller coasters in Orlando

This goes for all those who do know of fun !! I bring the 7 most terrifying and exciting roller coasters that can not miss on your next trip to Orlando. The truth is that it has been very difficult to decide which is best, scariest, the most fearful, the most addictive, one in which you want again and again and again and again ….. or it would be unthinkable again.

The truth is that when we see these wonderful attractions, all we have clear is that we can not keep up and challenge us, to show us that if we can … even believe that we must challenge friends, cousins and fellow travelers to know which is the bravest and most fearful, who screams or makes gestures fortunately many evidence is in the pictures and then you can check.

I have several friends who have made records in some of them, have increased many times over the holidays, others have dropped instead whiter than paper. Now the question is for you, which ones and how many times you would mount you?

1. Manta – Seaworld

mountains -rusas-orlando-1

mountains -rusas-orlando-1a

I’ve heard some say that is an attraction level 1, ie for beginners (If you have nerves of course). Personally, I think it’s much more than that. This roller coaster simulates be a stingray and takes you to a height of 42 meters, reaching a speed of 90 kilometers per hour. You have comebacks skyward and vertiginous drops on water, its wagons then rotated by waterfalls plummet over the water of a huge pond. Not to be missed, to cheer, check out this video.

The faces that can be put on roller coasters are similar to these;)




2. Duelling Dragons – Islands of Adventure

mountains -rusas-orlando-2

Nothing more exciting than going into the wonderful world of Harry Potter, thanks to its attractions has made us realize the fantasy of all his films and books. Dueling Dragons roller coasters you will find two openly discussed as dragons, which cross each other in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. They are separated to avoid collisions, but three times spend only 12 inches of another dragon. So you take into account we leave a recommendation, in front of dueling dragons’ll find a red and blue circle, if you stand on the bronze plaque that is there ready, you can see the meeting of the two dragons perfectly.

Always fear makes you put some faces …




3. The Incredible Hulk Coaster – Islands of Adventure

mountains -rusas-orlando-3

mountains -rusas-orlando-3a

This is a truly amazing attraction at Adventure Island, was considered the best roller coaster in 2007. You’ll know all starts when the destructive fury makes you rush out the sky in just two seconds, and you’ll be aboard gamma ray accelerator, which is completely out of control! This attraction reaches a height of 45 meters and speeds of over 100 miles per hour.

Now, you have to know that the most amazing thing is not your speed, it really is impressive are the two complete vertical twists and turns, inverted back and zero-g turn. Insist !!! You have to jump or you’ll regret.

4. Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit – Universal Studios

mountains -rusas-orlando-4

mountains -rusas-orlando-4a

Now we bring the impressive Roller Coster tech exceeding 50 meters high, with vertical climbs to 90 degrees and a distance of 1,200 meters, every seat has audio system you choose personalized to your favorite music rock, metal, rap, country, pop and electro. What’s great about this attraction is that it provides a multisensory experience in both takeoff and board also will shoot you through the journey through LED screens, how about a little reminder of panic and laughter you had?

But you know you should go with a lot of value here …




5. Space Mountain – Tomorrowland Disney’s Magic Kingdom

mountains -rusas-orlando-5

mountains -rusas-orlando-5a

mountains -rusas-orlando-5b

With a unique experience, this is the first indoor roller coaster that takes you at high speed in complete darkness. You’ll dizzying twists passing by stars and satellites, enjoying a real mission to space. The whole experience is impressive, since you approach the ship, through an exciting off, know that everything starts when the ship enters the fourth power by activating the air chamber after the countdown that will generate a lot more adrenaline, see how galaxy implode in front of you, you better keep your hands strong because you hurtle through a black hole, only to fall turning at high speed. Do not miss it !!!

6. Rock n ‘Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith – Disney Hollywood Studios

mountains -rusas-orlando-6

mountains -rusas-orlando-6a

This wonderful attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios find, is a high-speed roller coaster go where listening to the songs of the amazing band Aerosmith, as are led frighteningly head. Not much to say, its combination of speed, adrenaline, turns and hits synchronized to the band, through Tinseltown’s biggest and noisy limousine imaginable twists. If I were you, would mark a priority in my tour of the park.

7. Kraken at SeaWorld – Orlando

mountains -rusas-orlando-7

In this if you definitely have to hop, because it is a floorless coaster in Orlando, inspired by the mythological underwater beast remained terrified sailors for centuries. What certainly will generate more dizzying attraction, will have their feet dangling with open sides seats, increasing to over 45 meters.

Hope you will share your experiences and if you have some very scary and exciting to add tell us … For now … let’s have fun in Orlando.

And you know, enjoy !!