15 secret places of Spain

15 secret places of Spain

Spain a beautiful country full extent unimaginable keeps secrets, hidden places, and places where you would want to stay at least once in your life. These secret destinations, invite you to discover them, contact your travel agent, buy your plane tickets and booking hotels. This time, we recommend you visit those places that are not so common for travelers who are not the source of large conglomerates and massive assists, but instead will allow us to discover most exclusive havens, exotic landscapes, historical legends and beauty stunning nature.

To begin let’s talk a little about this Spain. This amazing country is situated in Western Europe in North Africa, is a member of the European Union, is constituted as a social and democratic state of law, a form of government corresponding to a Parliamentary Monarchy. It has approximately 504,000 square kilometers, has 17 autonomous communities and two autonomous cities.

Enter this beautiful country and explore much more than its main commercial and tourist more, cities will be an excellent choice, here we leave 7 Secrets places Spain for your next trip.


1. The beach of the Crystals or Bigaral on the coast of Cape Cocks – Asturias


This spectacular beach is located in Antromero, south of Luanco, in the province of Asturias. The truth is not very big is about 70 meters long and 30 meters wide. The reason being dubbed the Playa de los Cristales is because it was an old landfill waste glass bottles, once practice eliminated the sea had already broken bottles and glass had formed glass particles polished and rounded .

You have to see it on a sunny day, because the sand reflects multiple colors, green, white, brown, blue. It is a wonderful show, but we recommend you not to wear glasses or a day this beach again be normal sand and lose its charm.

2. The Costa da Morte – Galicia


Photography: galiciaincoming.com

This is a wonderful and unforgettable place as with closed eyes have to visit the autonomous community of Galicia, which is located northwest of the Iberian Peninsula. However, let’s go a little further referenciándote a place where the combination of color, art, best people and the best cuisine will transport you to a real dream. Yep, it’s the Costa de la Muerte, located from Cape San Adrián to the Faro de Finisterre, which for centuries is considered a damn coast.

His name is related to multiple fearsome Viking ships docked on the coast spreading panic, the more than 60 shipwrecks in just 100 years, including the tragedy of HMS Serpent, British ship where 172 sailors died which are buried in the famous “Cementerio de Los Ingleses”.

The many legends and myths are woven around everything that happened over its incomparable beauty definitely make it a must-see place.

3. Las Cuevas de Guadix – Andalusia


Photography: morenopenasco.blogspot.com

The so-called “European Capital of Caves”, is located in Guadix, called cradle of clay and reference city in eastern Andalusia. This amazing city is like the rest of Spain, imbued with a gripping story, since its origin dates from 1492, after the capture of Granada by the Catholic Kings, where the displacement of the Moors came to the suburbs and outskirts .


It is impressive to explore the wealth of the area, enjoy their wonderful hosts and stay overnight in one of these stunning works excavated by man. When you start thinking that were dug with pick and shovel, starting from any hill, which was then branching to form the different divisions of the house you stay stunned.

We leave you a video to see if you dare to stay in one of the caves, sleeping in the heart of the mountain.

4. Timanfaya Volcano – Canary Islands


This landscape will love, many travelers compare it to the lunar surface and to every rule is that makes you feel off the planet. This has been detected filmmakers, who have not hesitated to take as its filming stage.


Officially known as the Timanfaya National Park and is located in Canary Islands, occupying an area of 51 square kilometers, is a volcanic park. He has more than 25 volcanoes, some like the Fire Mountains, the Mountain Cracked or Caldera Corazoncillo are emblematic and unmissable for travelers. Currently presents some volcanic activity, with heat hot spots on the surface.


Dare to visit, you can take a bus to pan, make a short camel ride, visit the restaurant that will offer dishes cooked with the heat from the earth or witness geothermal features like geysers just one step.

5.  Sa Calobra – Mallorca


This beautiful beach of sand and gravel, is located behind the pedestrian tunnel that runs along rugged cliffs, which ultimately allow access to this awesome mouth, a place that many artists in search of inspiration and where thanks to its sound is made a choral concert.


Sa Calobra is a beautiful beach that has no involvement in the tourism industry, so it is a corner of escape for the summer and enjoy your stunning scenery. His arrival is easy on boats or from the city of Palma, where the road bends over eight hundred sum including a famous twist known as Tie Knot.

6.  Santa Cueva de Covadonga – Asturias


This beautiful place of pilgrimage home to a virgin inside. It is a natural cave that is in the Monte Auseva, which brings an interesting story, because after the Battle of Covadonga, Pelayo and Christians rescued this haven of Muslims. Today is is a figure of the sixteenth century which corresponds to a virgin timber that holds the Child Jesus with a golden rose.


7.  River Urederra – Navarra


A beautiful landscape of beautiful green hues, along with the sound of water, the beautiful view of the leaves of the trees in the crystal clear water of the River Urederra take you to an atmosphere of tranquility, peace and relaxation. This beautiful place was declared a nature reserve since 1987. The first drop of over 100 meters high is generated about 700 meters on the southern edge of the massif. The Rio has this beautiful characteristic color because the water is born and filtered in scream, causing an impressive diversity in fauna and flora. Its name means “beautiful water” and rightly so.


After walking around this beautiful gateway, where it is recommended to first take the nearest to the river trail and then take the highest, time to taste the wonderful cuisine of the region based on beans, lamb and curd approach.

8. Gaztelugatxe – País Vasco


Gaztelugatxe is a small island located on a rocky peninsula jutting into the sea, more exactly between Bermeo and Baio. There is the majestic chapel Gaztelugatze.


A place full of mysteries and myths place where it happened to be a convent of the Templars and possibly the pirate Drake conquered. This amazing place, emerges as a rock and is connected to the mainland by a bridge of two arches and a path which consists of a narrow road that leads to the highest part of the island after ascending 237 steps. The views are unparalleled, on top the beauty of the landscape will leave you breathless.

9. Setenil de las Bodegas – Cádiz


This beautiful and strange town located in Cadiz, has a great feature, all its beautiful white houses are built under an overhang and imposing rock. There you’ll find that the town is crossed by a river, and two right and left sides Streets “Sun” and “Shadow” is located, named so because literally one receives sunlight and the other not.


10.  Ronda – Málaga


One of the oldest cities in Spain, the incomparable Ronda is situated on a plateau about 750 meters above sea level, is divided by the Tajo de Ronda in two zones. The city can be seen on edge ending in Guadalevin.


The views are stunning from the abyss, and conjugated with his incredible story make this a place to visit without doubt, the paintings of the Cave of the pool attest to the rondeño environment inhabited since the Paleolithic.

11. Siurana – Catalonia


More precisely located in the province of Tarragona, including wine producing regions Montsant and El Priorat. It is the ideal place to enjoy sports, nature or relaxing, driving directions means a show of beautiful colors found this village with a special charm.


It is an almost inaccessible village, where you can appreciate the stone and erosion that give even more charm. Reaching the end of the tour and be up, be best travel and from that moment there is only enjoy.

12.  Albarracín – Aragon


This place was the ancient capital of the Kingdom of Taifa, which currently maintains its Islamic and medieval essence. Composes its imposing fortified with massive walls that were built backup by Taifa kings in the eleventh century, culminating in the charming castle walker.


Its old town is declared a Cultural, highlights the steep streets, the Plaza Mayor, in the town hall you can see the amazing lookout over the river Guadalaviar.

13. Cueva de los Verdes – Canary Islands


Photography: www.viajes.net
La Cueva de los Verdes is located in the north of the island of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands. Thanks to the eruptive activity of the volcano of the Crown that led to this majestic underground volcanic tunnel, measuring more than six miles long, from the volcanic cone to the sea was formed. Their variety of colors that can be seen are generated by the multiple shades of light reflection by water leaks, which adorn all the vaults and walls of the cave. A wonderful and unforgettable place.

 14. Gulpiyuri Beach – Asturias


This is a unique, very quiet and fortunately still a bit isolated, ideal for lovers of the special places that do not have large agglomerations place. This beautiful beach is located between Llanes and Ribadesella.


Connected to the sea through an underground cavern which allows this beautiful place is formed in the middle of lush trees and rock. The beach consists of coarse sand and can be accessed only by a farm road from the beach of San Antolin approximately 500 meters.

15.  Cadaqués – Girona


Photography: www.traveler.es

Located on the peninsula of Cape Creus, Cadaqués has become the landmark of the Costa Brava. This beautiful place, becomes a rocky coastline, beautiful beaches and lovely scenery., Where you can also enjoy its historic center, which is conjugated with Mediterranean flair of its art galleries and museums, cultural life is most representative of the place, finding the House-Museum of Salvador Dalí. one of its illustrious inhabitants. Combination of beach, food and culture, unmissable Cadaqués.


Definitely Spain is a country with great treasures, from its imposing major cities, even the remotest villages and magical places that can be discovered while traveling in their provinces, recommended taking a car and plot a route that will not get lost none of its cardinal points.