The 7 most stranger things that have been on a plane

The 7 most stranger things that have been on a plane

Find here the 7 most bizarre things that passengers have attempted to bring in their luggage. You will be surprised to find that can be objects, animals and even people trying to embark on the most incredible hidden wraps and camouflage.

I think for many of us would be absolutely unthinkable, try to convey such things, some will seem absurd, others curious, sometimes dark, but definitely interesting.

When these passengers who purchased air tickets to try to carry as unusual things, they are found as ordinary people, but with amazing justifications why they tried to board such membership is interviewed him. Some appeal to affection, others to economic interests and even superstitions.

The stories today originate in Liverpool Airport, New Delhi, Guangzhou, Fort Lauderdale, Thailand, among others. And this is where we imagine would happen if we were we seatmates of these individual travelers, do not forget that some have even generated terrible accidents like the one with which he carried a crocodile in the cabin and generated an accident caused the death of 90% of passengers, so with this we are not giving crazy ideas, please never do.

Anyway, here we leave the ranking of the seven most amazing is that as we leave you with the “Open Mouth”


1. A grandfather in a wheelchair “Dead”


Two women were arrested at Liverpool John Lennon Airport, trying to get on a plane to the corpse of a man of 91 years without making the report of his death. The attempt was foiled in the shipment to Berlin. Women ready put the old man in the wheelchair with sunglasses insisting he was only asleep.


2. Monitos Loris among panties


This occurred in New Delhi, where three men wanted to travel to Dubai. Police observed a somewhat suspicious lump in his pants, because it was upon reviewing nothing more and nothing less than a kind of monkeys in danger of extinction originating in Indonesia, seeking trade with them, but there they came so smart idea. The men were arrested and the monkeys were given to the “People for Animals” entity


3. Tadpoles in the mouth


We do not know the level of madness that can reach certain passengers, this is the story of a citizen of South Korea, at the airport in Guangzhou in China, who was trying to pass all controls taking tadpoles in the mouth. Everything was evident since the guards asked the woman drinking a bottle of water he carried in his luggage when he did not swallow, so I asked to spit into a container. Oh surprise !! when they noticed that his mouth was full of tadpoles. She said it’s had given and did not want to lose them.


4. The turtle – hamburger


A man in China made a great effort to bring your pet “A turtle” within a hamburger. The protagonist of this story Mr. Li tried to return to Beijing with her good friend inside a KFC burger. When seeing some strange things through the X-ray, the man said “There is a turtle there, just a burger. There is nothing special to do “. Of course this curious and funny situation turned her around the world in multiple newspapers.


5. A skull and human teeth inside the suitcase


Many would think immediately that it could deal with the baggage of a serial murderer, but it was not, it was two women at the airport in Fort Lauderlale who embark to Baltimore. The women explained informing the fact that they bought two sealed containers in a Cuban religious store on his last trip to the island, one of the containers were opened and left pieces of skull and teeth. Never knew what was the reason for this strange purchase.


6. A human head


A believer and practitioner of voodoo woman from Haiti, arriving in Miami was arrested when found carrying a human head in his luggage. The justification of women, was that it should charge because he worked as a “Contra”, ie, that the evil spirits away.


7. A stuffed tiger


This case occurred in an airport in Thailand, where a woman tried to engage Iran with nice stuffed tiger. The surprise for airport control officers was to be found in the review of X-rays, with the woman had sedated a tiger cub and tried to deceive.

These and other stories circulating on the network, share with us if you know of more of these amazing stories.