9 strangest Hotels of the world

9 strangest Hotels of the world

These are the 9 most strange hotels in the world.Do not overlook this curious gallery that will teach you that you can stay in unimaginable places! And besides this, it will prompt to travel more, of course.

Before we begin, we ask you this: before embarking on a trip, what more takes into account an unforgettable vacation? Do the sights that surround your destination, or for you is essential spend hours reviewing the hotel where you’re staying? Well, if your answer will most points to the second question, this is the article for you! You’ll see why, be patient!

Already having clear you’re a person who lends considerable importance to your site hosting, you formulate one more question: how risky or daring are you? Do you like extreme adventures and new experiences? If your answer was positive, we continue on track! Why? Here we will discuss a series of photographs of the most curious and strange hotels you’ve ever known. You’d sleep in a room under water and where you can see whales and sharks come and go? Would you be comfortable if you are staying in a place like if you were a prisoner?

Or you will die of curiosity, do not give more bluntly.Better pay attention and decide for yourself which of these will visit sites!


1. Hotel Kakslauttanen in Finland


In the snow and the mountains, the dreams can come true. In short, this seems to be the phrase header of the owners of this spectacular hotel. There, not only have the opportunity to stay peacefully in beautiful igloos, but you can also practice extreme sports like skiing or mountain biking, or make fun tours with Husky dogs.


2. Magic Mountain Lodge in Chile


Although it sounds funny, we could say that the strangeness of this hotel is the excess of beauty that counts. In addition, offers guests spectacular views, without ignoring that also has an impressive waterfall. And you know what’s best? During the winter, this exotic mountain is covered with snow, so you do not forget to visit this place!

3. Ariaú Amazon Towers Hotel


This quaint hotel in exotic jungle Amazonas, is, undoubtedly, an adventure for those who decide to stay there. Just look at its unique architecture to realize that this is a space that is designed exclusively for those who are thrill seekers and nature.


5. Palacio de Sal, in Bolivia


Would you believe me if I say that it is the first hotel built with salt in the world? Right.100% salt! Both walls, ceilings and chairs are covered in this important mineral. And if that were not enough, the rooms are built igloo-shaped. Is not that sounds pretty interesting host this curious place?

5. Room-cell at Alcatraz Hotel in Kaiserslautern, Germany


Unquestionably, apart from its striking design, the most striking of this hotel is that long ago was a real prison. Would you dare to stay in a place where you’re treated like you’re a real criminal? All space is decorated with bars, and food, you put it into the room just as they do in jail.But do not panic! All this is part of a different experience you should live and be certain that the plans’d have all the amenities you deserve.


6. Free Spirit Spheres in Canada


Eve, Eryn and Melody, is the name of the 3 areas that make up this new hotel. In short, it is a place for those who want to connect with nature and spend pleasant moments of rest, either with family or friends. Also, each of these cubicles is equipped with the amenities of a traditional hotel, without the bath and shower, because you have to go to find them.


7. Poseidon Undersea Resort


Located in the Republic of the Fiji Islands, an island country in Oceania, this exclusive hotel, located underwater, offers a spectacular panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean. At present, has 22 suites, restaurant, chapel, water sports shop, bars, spa, and all the spaces needed for hinting the great luxury that counts. Prices? For couples, each week, would be approximately 22,652.20 euros.