9 strangest things forgotten in hotels

9 strangest things forgotten in hotels

Discover here the 9 most unusual things abandoned by hotel guests, and you can imagine the things that many hotels staff encounter daily.

If it is true, for many of us who work in this wonderful world of travel and tourism, will be very common for hotel guests leave items daily, including you clothes, toothbrushes, mobile phone chargers , anyway. However, there are articles published by hotel chain Travelodge and other partner hotels anecdotes curious to hear news.

There are countless things that have left the guests in hotels not end up listing them from keys luxury vehicles like Porsche and Ferrari, the magic sword of Harry Potter, inflatable dolls, human ashes, a jumping horse, engagement rings, glass eyes, sex toys, life-size skeletons, tarantulas, rabbits, lizards, anyway. Things that seem incredible but occur in real life.

We leave our opinion some of the best.

1. Kittens many kittens…


A woman left them in his room, with $ 100 and a note saying “Thanks for taking care of these guys will be back in a week” …. This is certainly a sad story, orphaned kittens because she never he returned.


2. A bag with $ 30,000


When the room was checked, they found nothing more nor less than £ 20,000 in cash in a suitcase coffee.


3. A goat dressed as Abraham Lincoln


For those who work in the area of accommodation hotels, go to enlist a room that has undergone a bachelor party should be a little scary. What the protagonist of this story was not expected, was found with a goat dressed as Abraham Lincoln, the way how to get there is and will remain a complete mystery.


4. Shark in the tub


In the hotel Tivoli Marina, they found a shark pretty weak in the bath, apparently a guest who had gone fishing believed it was nice to bring it to your room without come up that need salt water and not just tap water. On one hand, I can not imagine the shock of the person who found it, but otherwise the good news is that the shark returned to their natural habitat.


5. A baby of 18 months


This really is amazing, many of us careless always leave something in the hotel rooms, but forget the baby sounds like a joke, but unusually it is not.

6. Set of breast implants


This is the case of Hotel Travelodge Newcastle Central, where an American woman traveling to London to be practiced cosmetic surgery, implants stopped purchased in the United States in the hotel. We hope you’ve managed to resolve the issue.

7. 75,000 teddy bears


A string indicates that came to collect the small amount of 75,000 teddy bears were never claimed, so he decided to donate to the foundation to help Cancer Research UK. Good work, thanks to the forgetful guests.

8. A denture gold


Valued at about 8,000 euros. Surely this traveler had some spare diamonds and emeralds, for example.


9. A Snake


In a Washington hotel, almost has a heart attack one of the waitresses when he entered the room arranged a guest who had forgotten his pet in the room, nothing more and nothing less than a snake.

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