The 7 most romantic cities in the world

The 7 most romantic cities in the world

You already know what the 7 most romantic cities in the world? Sure you already have an idea, but this post will find that there is more romance than Paris.

Yes, we know that the first thing that comes to your mind when you mention a romantic and ideal for traveling as couples, as it is to rest or live an intense honeymoon is Paris or any Italian town that is suspended in the middle rocks and mountains.

However, even if we do not get this fabulous list of typical cities of love, we want to show that the options are much more open for you to plan a trip with your partner.

So noting and be surprised with what we have brought to you.Remember that we love to recommend places to live Turísiticos the most memorable experiences with the most important people in your life!


Sidney, Australia


Javier Lastras/ Creative Commons

Who would believe it, but Sydney, besides being a city to live adventures and enjoy a quite varied nightlife, is also a great place for lovers. Its spectacular landscapes provide the opportunity to ballooning and even weekend trips to mountains.

Cartagena, Colombia


Mariusz Kluzniak/ Creative Commons

Of course we can not ignore this wonderful ranking, the beautiful Cartagena. Also known as the “Walled City”, with its romantic cobbled streets and beautiful architecture, it is ideal for all those lovers who want to escape the routine several days to enjoy your love space.

París, France


PapaPiper/ Creative Commons

As well as being known as the “City of Lights”, we also often referred to as the Capital of Love. Its streets, restaurants, cafes, the same Eiffel Tower and the Pont des Arts, make this place one of the most magical of the world.

Venice Italy


Javier Carmona/ Creative Commons

And not to mention Venice and gondola rides, where more than one will be asked to his girlfriend, celebrated anniversaries, or has simply been there to take the best memories. The restaurants along the canals, like its lovely squares, make the flame of love never goes out.



Jesuscm/ Creative Commons

Did you know that La Gran Plaza Brussels is famous for being the most beautiful in the world? See for yourself, but yes, be sure to bring your partner! Believe us that you’ll regret if you do not. Brussels is charming, charming …

Lisboa, Portugal


Thanasis Geo/ Creative Commons

Tell us what you think of this scene and if you like to live: you and your partner under the mild moonlight and lanterns, traveling along the beautiful city through narrow trams … Could it be that there is a most unforgettable moment that?We are confident that no!

Verona, Italy


Camila Pastorelli/ Creative Commons

Just tell which is known as the home of Juliet’s house, where much of the romantic story of Romeo and Juliet lived, you will understand that love is the feeling that most lives here. Countless tourists are set to daily quote in this space to tell the literary character remembered his greatest heartache …