9 Tips for traveling without money

9 Tips for traveling without money

Do not stop seeing these 9 tips to travel without money. Do you like extreme experiences? Are you passionate about live new moments? Pay attention to this post!

Surely you are one of those people who believes that one of the best things you can do man, is traveling. Against this, let us for a moment stop along the way and ask: what kind of travel? Will those in which everything is comfort, luxury, shopping mean extraordinary sums of money, or conversely, we are referring to the same in that you must let go of what you’re used to at home? For a change, this time we will focus on the latter.

Travelling without money, “backpacker” as it is known in Latin America, is a great opportunity for you to go beyond where no one has gone. Do not speak the language of the duty station? And that’s what! Do not be limited or cultural changes and the diversity with which you’ll find! It uses the Internet. Get ready. Find out fine. But above all, change the chip and put aside all thoughts that only seek to complicate your life. Take everything in stride, enjoying every second of every fortunate or unfortunate experience it. Learn from each of the people you come across in your way and be thankful: nothing better to do great friends all over the world; only then, will open doors to undertake each you want a new adventure.

So you do not stop seeing the recommendations we will give below. What are you waiting to start collecting the stories you’ll tell your children?


1. Ask local people your best allies!


It is essential that you stay always informed to avoid any misunderstanding with the customs and culture of people of where you are. Therefore, always try to ask any questions you have, they will know to give you the best references for food, accommodation and entertainment.


2. Never stop being grateful!


Undoubtedly, this will open doors for your future trips. It is essential to make good references wherever you go so you know which ones with new friends if you plan another route. Therefore, always try to take with small gifts, any symbolic detail or a thank you card.

3. Avoid direct flights


Although it is quite tiring, it is much cheaper to travel to different sections. Keep in mind that the ideal is to buy tickets in the wee hours of the morning, as it is when they leave the best airline deals.

Another attractive option and you will save more money is to buy a “Round the World Ticket”; This is a multi airfare that usually lasts one year and allows you to take multiple flights to anywhere in the world. If you plan to travel the five continents nonstop, doing it this way is much more favorable than purchasing each ticket separately.


4. Swaps work room and board


Travelling without money is an adventure from start to finish, and of course, involves doing everything possible to survive. Thus, we recommend you to feed and have to sleep, you work.Yes sir! Although this is a complete fun, you should ingeniártela to have it all. Sign WWOOF website and try working on organic farms; do the same with housesitting and care homes while their owners are not found. HelpX and Staydu can also help you with this as constantly publish offers accommodation and food in exchange for work.

5. Beware the tips!


Well, this is a point that can mean a headache for any traveler who does not have much money. There is an average price in the world, always varies depending on where you are. For example, there are countries where it is an obligation to pay it, others that are prohibited, and some where it’s a total surprise to receive it. It is best that each you get to there, find out what is customary there and decide what you prefer to do. The best, of course, is to try to reduce it.

6. Learn to appreciate the leftovers!


Always carry a bag and keep food on when you eat breakfast, have lunch or dine, eat when hungry again give you. Note that sometimes the portions are very large, and it is best to ask you to deposit the leftovers in a container; This way, you will not spend your next meal.

Also, remember that a sandwich gets you out of trouble anywhere in the world.


7. The accommodation is the least important!


If you’re not used to this kind of adventure, to start it, we recommend B, the cheapest option you’ll find in the tourism industry. What features offer this type of accommodation? Besides being much smaller than traditional hotels are ideal for you to meet other people of all nationalities and make your new companions, as they have a much friendlier atmosphere.

However, if you really want to live an unforgettable experience, it is best to use the option of staying with “friends of friends”. Plus it will save much more money, meet new people.


8. Dale yes to flexibility!


In short, this is going completely uncomplicated and adjusting to the idea that comfort is the last thing you should think. So you will understand what really fun trip! Leave aside the shame, be hospitable if you want me to be with you, and open yourself to meet new people, tastes, and ways to survive, of course.

9. Take a risk!


There is a site called network called Couchsurfing.com, and offers you stay anywhere in the world at no cost. There never can charge per stay in the place you choose, it is simply being hospitable. Generally, people who visit this page often is because they expect favors in exchange where accommodation is concerned, so if thou staying with them, rest assured that you please give it back later.

Yes, sounds a bit risky; therefore, we recommend that before you decide something, opt for choosing a family, you look at his profile picture, look at the comments of people who have visited them, and contact them, it is important to know whether they do have good references.