4 Trips of The Simpsons around the World

4 Trips of The Simpsons around the World

We bring you four exciting trips more fun family “The Simpsons” who show us how crazy to travel to certain destinations without having the slightest precaution, doing crazy things, creating diplomatic, environmental and even cultural conflicts.

We love this series for more than two decades, also shows us the experience of traveling through many of its chapters, but I can assure you that none of these trips will be normal, quiet and less everyday, here we must die laughing to see how very representative character of social and political life of the countries appear to do unusual things.

We know that everything that happens here is nothing but crazy and imaginative, but for those who are passionate about travel, destinations, hotels, cruises, we did not hesitate a minute to explore these experiences, whether it is to see our favorite trips reflected in parody and laugh a while. We will take stock of the funniest episodes travelers, so you animes, if you’ve missed any case.

For if friends, this crazy and funny family, has led multiple destinations and adventures in their travels. Here we bring you some of the places they have traveled and of course the most complicated and mysterious circumstances.


1. Bart must travel to Australia without knowing that get a kick in the butt


This was a fun trip I would bet even remember. This chapter titled Bart vs. Australia, Joker and mischievous Bart decides to make multiple calls to test the theory that you just explained his sister Lisa, about where the water flows in the northern and southern hemisphere. But as always, Bart is too clever and call an Australian boy posing as a doctor of the International Commission on Drainage, and makes you pay for collect. As you remember the little innocent spend a fortune on your phone bill. Thereafter, the issue becomes quite a diplomatic mess, so Bart should take a few air tickets with his family to go to apologize personally to avoid problems between Australia and the United States. What breaks there will be even more incredible, they were the plague of frogs in Australia, a giant boot to kick his ass Bart and koalas australia tourism on the flight back from the Simpsons …. This is my favorite, I think which is repeated.


Bart poses as doctor Drainage International Commission for misleading the Australian child



The phone bill comes to the father of the child who was deceived by Bart



Bart receives the call of complaint from Australia and is taking joke



Until he gets a visit from the Division of Criminal Offenders to report that there is a diplomatic problem



Maggie protects Bart saying she is the only one who can punish



The trip to Australia, Bart takes frog and realizes that this is forbidden



Decide release in a pool and this will happen something bad … very bad.



Meanwhile Bart and Homer are on vacation interacting with kangaroos in Australia



But there comes a day when Bart must be presented in Parliament …



Very scared not know what to say, not knowing that the worst will come …



You say you must pay the offense getting a kick in the ass man “From the largest boot”



Homer does not allow it, then manage other agreement to give the kick with a normal shoe … Nobody imagines what would Bart.



would drop his pants with a sign that says “My one kicks me”



Escape seeing a plague of frogs harvest eats



Without knowing a Koala has crept into your trip rumba home.



2. Homer runs over Queen Elizabeth, Tony Blair confused with Mr. Bean and Madonna is carried in a suitcase … a whole Adventure in London.


In this episode, you will remember that the family gets to go on holiday to title=”Londres viajar” href=”http://www.londres.es/” London, thanks to money obtained by the display ticket $ 1,000 that Mr. Burns lost and then found Bar Milhouse’s head, opening a makeshift museum in the tree house. The decision to travel to London arises, wanting to find a past love old grandfather. The family is welcomed by British Prime Minister Tony Blair, whom Homer confuses with Mr. Bean.

In his mad city tour, rent a Mini Cooper Homer and gets into a gazebo or round point, which is unable to leave for hours at a time until you decide to make a sharp and aggressive start, finishing unfortunately within the Buckingham Palace and hitting the gig Queen Elizabeth II .

But the worst is just beginning, because apart from all damages, Homer would think to call the Queen impostor, thus faces a foreclosure lawsuit. When I was in prison, tries to escape escaping through a tunnel that leads to the Queen’s room, where he will apologize in a very unique way. Finally, the Queen allowed to leave England, under the condition Madonna carried to America. I leave the outcome of the grandfather and his childhood sweetheart without telling, that you will take a look at the chapter, if you have not seen you expect?


It all starts with Mr. Burns taking money from the ATM



But his ticket USD1,000 flying, reaching the head of Milhouse



Marge forces them to put a notice in case the ticket has no owner



Then Bart puts a museum to showcase precious treasure



Good income at the Museum is achieved, then Burns will claim



The money collected will family holiday to London



Lisa and Bart crazy candy in the city



Homer rent a Mini Cooper to walk around the city



Unable to exit a roundabout, makes a sudden and dangerous movement



Entering the palace of Queen and trampling his carriage



Homer goes to trial at the request of the Queen who asks execution



Homer in the Tower of London asks the “God of England” Ay Homer!



Manages to escape through a secret tunnel. What a bad luck! Get to the room of the Queen



Homer apologizes saying you look into your heart inlaid with precious stones



Homer is forgiven, Grandpa greets his ex-girlfriend and knows who could be his daughter … It’s exactly like Homer !!



3. The nightmare of Homer in China, pretending to be the husband of Selma nasty


This chapter reset to Homer in trouble when Selma discovers that reached menopause and can no longer have children, go into a deep depression and decides to adopt a child in China to see that his country is so difficult. The only detail is that by not having a husband decides to lie on the forms indicating that it is Homer. So that the whole family takes air tickets to China without imagining what Marge and Selma are planning.

As expected the paperwork to release the baby, the family runs this ancient culture, visit the Mao Zedong Mausoleum. Behold, Homer gets into another serious problem when it indicates who is an expert and amid a rally in Beijing force you to be part of the main show, which ends badly as ever and Homer ends up in a hospital. Here begins to emerge the denouement, in which he delivered the baby to Selma, but conversation Marge and Homer discovers that everything is false, the end of this chapter I leave in pictures inviting as ever to follow this chapter do not miss the “Chinese Bart”.


Selma learns in the hospital that no longer able to have children



Homer and Selma as always in a beautiful and warm relationship



Selma enters into a deep depression and wants to adopt a child



Try one at home but then repents and remove it



Decide to go to China because everything will be easier …



Except for a lie … say who is the wife of Homer Simpson



In China Homer must pretend to convince them that they are partners



Homer visits the grave of Mao Zedong commenting …



Confusing Buckingham believes that Beijing is stationary guard.



Meanwhile Bart and Lisa visit the Great Wall of China



Homer into trouble in a hospital, Selma takes you to the baby who gave him



All is discovered, take away the child to Selma and here try to recover.



Selma manages to recover after talks with the Chinese official.



The family goes on a boat with surprise … Bart has been changed.



4. A rhythm of Samba, looking for Ronaldo and enjoying the beautiful beaches of Rio de Janeiro. “The Simpsons in Brazil”


This is another chapter begins by excessive phone bills, which on this occasion correspond to calls to Visit Brazil. As always imagine suspected of Bart, but in this case the charge is Lisa, who confesses that sponsored a Brazilian boy called Ronaldo and that any moment never again receive his correspondence because he disappeared suspiciously.

The whole family wants to travel but wonder about the cost, so Lisa suggests buying cheap tickets in travel agencies, Internet, though making a lot of stops. The theme is decided, purchase airfare to the South American country. Lisa and Marge when they engage the child, while Homer and Bart are set to enjoy the beautiful beaches of Rio de Janeiro, dancing the Conga to reach the hotel area. There they discover how culture loves football, enjoy the hotel room, dance and observe the beauty of Ipanema.

After Homer is kidnapped and taken on a journey through the Río Amazonas. The outcome is more than fun, you will see the whole family running the rescue aboard the cable cars Stunning Sugarloaf while Lisa will be very happy after seeing Ronaldo in one of the figures of Sambadrome and finally Bart is swallowed by an Anaconda. I think it’s a very funny chapter and shows several stages in the beautiful Rio de Janeiro.


Lisa confesses that he has made calls to Brazil



Why sponsor a child in a favela called Ronaldo, who has disappeared



The family watches the video and decides to go look at Rio de Janeiro



On the plane Homer Bart forbids trying to learn the language



When you arrive in Rio de Janeiro look attractive as the Christ of Corcovado



Have fun with culture making a train to the hotel



The hotel mad, forgetting that went looking for Ronaldo



Lisa appreciates the Sugarloaf expecting to find her Brazilian friend



While Bart and Homer have fun on the beaches of Copacabana



After Homer is abducted by the Rio Amazonas



Your captors are asking a lot of money, nobody is willing to pay.



While Marge and Lisa are in the Sambadrome looking for Ronaldo



And we are working in one of the presentations



Homer is on a cable car waiting with the kidnappers money



The family escapes, Homer and Marge are reunited



And Bart eats an anaconda, while dancing Brazilian rhythms

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We hope you enjoyed this journey through 4 exciting and crazy travel by Simpson, hope you enjoy traveling to these destinations, Great Hotels, cruises and adventures!