The 9 best gay tourist destinations in the world

The 9 best gay tourist destinations in the world

Discover the 9 locations hosting with major attractions, entertainment, hotels, bars and activities for the LGBT community in the world. Here is a sample of places that have been redesigned over time, to achieve this important niche business growing exponentially worldwide.

Many travel agencies, guilds, entities promoting tourism in the cities and countries, tour operators, among others, have discovered the value of providing entertainment and focused to such travelers fun, every day more demanding in the enjoyment of your vacation.

All kinds of destinations, major and intermediate cities located in different latitudes of the planet, are responsible for hoarding these travelers, providing beaches, art, culture, cuisine, bars, nightclubs, hotels and lots of fun.

For community members or not, the recommendations we bring you here, offer great options for tourism and visits to design your next vacation.

1.  Berlin, Germany


A fully liberal city that welcomes the community by providing the best and most fun corresponds to Berlin. In Schöneburg located in Prenzlauer west and east, you can enjoy the best locations for the LGBT community, there the best pubs and bars can be found in Motzstrasse, Kleiststrasse and Martin Luther Strasse. It is also recommended to visit the Schwules Museum, which showcases the history and gay culture. Finally, it is definitely an impressive celebration, corresponding to Christopher Street Day (Gay Pride Day), where a large parade takes place, with many attendees, definitely a big party.

2. San Francisco, United States


Neighborhoods The Castro in San Francisco (The largest gay neighborhood united states) and Soma (South Market), constitute the heart of the LGBT community. Walking down the streets constitute a multicolor all travel, flags, badges and expression of Gay pride in all the rage. The streets of San Francisco were protagonists of the struggle for recognition of the rights of the gay community. Since then, the city has been very open to the community, offers the best bars, galleries, art and coffee for all visitors. Many community members want to visit at least once in their life.


3. Amsterdam, Netherlands


This city has a long history of tolerance and community support, since 1987 the Homomonument a tribute to gay people persecuted by the Nazis sculpture was inaugurated. It is considered that approximately 30% of the population of Amsterdam’s gay, why should support the title of European Capital Gay few years ago. The mentality of the city is completely open, and has all kinds of places targeting the LGBTI community as bars, shops, pubs. Some recommended gays areas are: The Vanilla Slice, The Back Side and The Dark Side.


4.  Buenos Aires, Argentina


We could not miss in Latin America a gay friendly destination. The shift corresponds to Buenos Aires, which charms and captivates with its traditions and welcomes welcomes the community. Among its attractions is the Tango Queer, which seeks to exchange roles change effecting changes in the dance (Do not forget that it was originally danced only by men). Buenos Aires also offers meeting places like Recoleta and San Telmo, along with hotels, bars, pubs and all kinds of facilities to assist you.


5. Barcelona, Spain


With three recognized squares Gay: San Sebastián, Nova Mar Bella and Barceloneta, this beautiful city invites the community to walk and enjoy a pleasant holiday. The GayEixample neighborhood is already recognized as the meeting place for outstanding community in Barcelona. The concentration of the hottest nightclubs, hotels, pubs and clubs are a few blocks from downtown.

It is also highly recommended Sitges, beach town on the coast of Barcelona, which has become the hot spot for sunbathing and relaxing, you can even find nude beache


6. Mykonos, Greece


Known as the Mecca of gay tourism. Mykonos is a Greek island and has an open mind that greets members of the LGBT community to enjoy your holiday in full freedom.

The beaches are amazing, with the best scenery, tranquility and fun. The Agrari and Elia, beaches are two favorite beaches for gay travelers, but have become so popular, you will find very crowded all the time. Other highlights havens are Lia and Ftelia beach, which provide greater comfort and relaxation. At night, the most sought after places are Castro Gay Bar Gay Bar and Montparnasse.

7. London, UK


The Soho district and the center of London, are quintessential places that offer all the atmosphere and fun for the LGBT community. In places of entertainment, it is considered that London offers the most complete offer. In bars, the most recommended are: The Edge, Duke of Wellington, GAY Bar and The Green Bar. During the day are a must, theaters, shops and cafes around the London atmosphere.


8. Patong Beach, Phuket, Thailand


With the best prices, this beautiful island of Phuket in Thailand, is a favorite for gays worldwide destinations. The night life provides high levels of fun at low prices, on the day enjoy the most beautiful beaches and water sports, in a climate of tolerance and completely friendly to the community.


9. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


I appears in the top cities recommended for the community, because in recent years have been devoted to create all sorts of actions for actions to captivate gay tourism. A great destination, the best climate, amazing food, and lots of possibilities, excursions, hotels, tours and cruises designed for the LGBT community. At night the best bars and pubs will conclude the day with more and more fun.

As we see, tourism in the world specializing on niche markets, finding that become Gay Friendly constitutes an interesting attraction that potentiates the cities and tourist destinations.